Version 2.5.1

  1. FIXED : FitVids bug fix, iframe videos not responsive.
  2. FIXED : Course status fullscreen template on Mobile phones
  3. FIXED : Sliders missing in Theme setup Wizard.
  4. FIXED : Front end Login url fixed.
  5. FIXED : Checks missing in assignments


Version 2.5

Features Added

  1. ADDED :One Click setup revamp tutorial
  2. ADDED : Switch between demos, tutorial
  3. ADDED : Course Status fullscreen template tutorial
  4. ADDED : Course certificates, My certificates, Course certificates shortcodes, tutorial

Updated Components

  1. UPDATED : Course certificate saved as attachments, tutorial
  2. UPDATED : Pl-upload in Assignment uploads. Upload multiple attachments to assignments irrespective of server upload limits.
  3. UPDATED : Ability to switch or import any component from any demo.
  4. UPDATED : Download button in certificates.
  5. UPDATED : Unlimited quiz retakes for Instructor.
  6. UPDATED : Custom registration page option in WP Admin – WPLMS – BuddyPress : Tutorial

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED : Question reusability fixed
  2. FIXED : Quiz retakes not clearing marked question answers.
  3. FIXED : FILE URL issue in logo and favicon upload.
  4. FIXED : Progress bar inconsistency in dashboard and course home page
  5. FIXED : Registration forms not saving profile field data with skip verification mail
  6. FIXED : Registration forms not working when checkboxes fields are required.
  7. FIXED : Create groups button visible to everyone
  8. FIXED : Close button in certificates
  9. FIXED : Excluding buddypress directory pages not working with sitelock exclusion filter.
  10. FIXED : Page scroll to footer if footer is big on assignment submission.
  11. FIXED : Redirect to My courses on user activation is not working.
  12. FIXED : Fillblank requires clicking two times to fill answer.
  13. FIXED : Registration form redirect not working with simultaneous login.
  14. FIXED : CoAuthors not showing if user nice name is different than login name.
  15. FIXED : Instructing courses not displaying correctly with CoAuthors.
  16. FIXED : 404 page on terms and conditions page for different language in WPML
  17. FIXED : Question texts not appearing in WPML in quiz results
  18. FIXED : Ratings form not appearing when course slug is changed.
  19. FIXED : Select dropdown defaults to first or last option in quizzes.
  20. FIXED : True false, false preselected when question is loaded.
  21. FIXED : Fillblank clicking outside would force browser window to jump
  22. FIXED : Fillblank underline styling issue.
  23. FIXED : Filter added to disable quiz messaging.
  24. FIXED : Alt tag in testimonial images
  25. FIXED : Front end unit add icon mismatch
  26. FIXED : Font end add unit edit text displays “edit quiz” for units.
  27. FIXED : Free course auto-allocation disabled then renew not working.
  28. FIXED:  Clear schedule in expiry emails are incorrect.
  29. FIXED : Instructors not visible as authors in multisite.
  30. FIXED : Delete course product on course deletion
  31. FIXED : Alt tag missing in logo
  32. FIXED : Date overlap in blog posts.
  33. FIXED : Log in some same computer does not clear marked answers for previous user from browser.





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      1. How are you testing it ? There is no sample data file required, check the wp admin – appearance – setup wizard. Also if possible redownload the theme we reuploaded the package with a minor fix in the setup wizard.

  1. rob

    Deactivate a plugin, get this error message:
    Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/wplms/vibe-options.php on line 1291

    1. Please share steps on how to replicate this, no user has ever faced this issue so far with this theme. You do know that this is a BuddyPress theme and you can not deactivate required plugins like BuddyPress, Vibe course module and Vibe custom types. Can you share any link to any support topic you have created on this ? Or can you please reply me to my email message.

    2. This issue should be resolved in the 2.5.1 update. Note that this is a very very rare issue.

  2. nena14

    Change in 2.5: When open a unit in web browser, the embedded YouTube clip is smaller. Looks ok, I can live with that.
    However, when opening the unit on a cellphone, the clip is larger then it used to be ans does no longer fit the small screen. No longer responsive? How fix this?

  3. arunskt

    when installing the modern theme it does not include the skin and even deactivating the slider how to get modern skin ? will you please give me a detail tutorial?

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