Features :

  1. Wplms Demo Switcher added in wplms option panel, tutorial
  2. Added a schedule course review emails, for users who finished the course but has not reviewed it, tutorial
  3. Added a new shortcode “[certificate_expiry_date]” to show expiry date on certificate, tutorial

Updated :

  1. Now you can add custom information in course details widget.
  2. Front End curriculum can be toggled like accordion, useful for long curriculums, sreenshot
  3. Added a filter for displaying attachments in units.
  4. Added course retake button on single course page also.

Fixed :

  1. Category named “select category” added in unit settings when creating new unit from front end fixed.
  2. Local storage not clearing on course retake fixed.
  3. Error $.removeCookie is not a function on course retake bug fixed.
  4. Tooltip missing in certificate in course stats fixed.
  5. Taxonomy module tag pages shows no unit found in module tag fixed.
  6. Single event page issue with latest eventon plugin fixed.
  7. course_instructor shortcode not working in certificate when co-author is activated bug fixed.
  8. When pretty permalink is disabled, course-> admin -> members does not show options to reset, remove user when ajax call sent to fetch students bug fixed.
  9. Star ratings in course does not shows exact value filled up of the rating bug fixed.
  10. Start date and time in course details does not show when course settings is enabled from lms settings bug fixed.
  11. Site lock with Login redirect to home page not working bug fixed.
  12. Logged in menu issue with wpml fixed.

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  1. caseyh

    How do I use the attachment filter added in 2.8.1? I’d like to hide attachments on all of the units in a class I’m working on. Each contains embedded audio, but I’d like to hide the attachment area at the bottom to make downloading the files more difficult.

  2. karolla86

    i am using display none for attachment. but ı dont wanna use extra css for it. We share picture at units. But no need extra download area. U can add “hide / show attachment area” ?

  3. lincourtl

    Yes, our instructors are having issues with the new attachments system picking up the WP attachments (including images). I’ve shown them how to detach media in the media library and then remove the unwanted attachments but they’re not grasping the process. Is it possible to have the WPLMS attachments ignore the WP attachments?

  4. lincourtl

    I’d rather not hide the attachments with CSS because they’re genuinely useful for some units but right now it’s too complicated for our instructors who are decidedly non-technical.

  5. EmanuelGT

    Can you please explain the “Now you can add custom information in course details widget” feature?

  6. capitalsgroup

    Site lock with Login redirect to home page not working bug fixed.
    we still have issues with login .. not fixed

    1. Set the new home page for site lock at WP admin – WPLMS – Misc – Site lock logo link.

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