Features :

  1. User Guided Tours / Walk throughs for WPLMS Students, Instructors and Administrators, tutorial
  2. Added option to create course news from Front End, tutorial
  3. Added a new shortcode [countdown_timer], which shows a timer countdown, tutorial
  4. Share certificates on social media, screenshot
  5. Added a custom attachment system for units, tutorial
  6. Added google captcha option in the buddypress registration page, screenshot
  7. A switch added in lms settings to enable course duration when user clicks on start course button, screenshot
  8. A switch added in lms settings to open Login popup for non logged in users when they click on take this course button for paid courses also, screenshot
  9. A setting added in wplms->course manager to disable right click on course status page, screenshot
  10. Added a new shortcode [instructor_only], which allows users to show content to instructors only. You can also specify the instructors by passing the id in the shortcode.
  11. Added a new shortcode [vibe_current_date] to show current date, format of the date can be specified by the user.

Updated  :

  1. Inactivity email sent day, week and month wise, refer the tutorial for more details.
  2. Improvements in certificates, refer tutorial
  3. Back to course button added in DWQA question page.
  4. Deprecated function get_product() replaced by wc_get_product();
  5. Deprecated filter “add_to_card_redirect” replaced by “woocommerce_add_to_cart_redirect”.
  6. The default order in course directory selected in lms settings is also shown selected on course directory page.
  7. The attachments are now shown above the discussion section in unit page.
  8. Improvements in front end course creation.
  9. Show featured course image empty if the image doesn’t exists.
  10. Enabled members searching and sorting in course members, screenshot
  11. Sample data of demo7 and demo 8 added.
  12. Assign marks to quiz even if the question answers are not marked.

Fixed :

  1. Text “some answer” not translating bug fixed.
  2. Co-authors not working in multi-site bug fixed.
  3. Buddydrive not working in multi-site bug fixed.
  4. Drip feed bug with time calculation in case of drip feed from origin use case fixed.
  5. Import not working properly and creating duplicate courses bug fixed.
  6. User bulk badges and certificates not importing bug fixed.
  7. Download attachment button visible in assignment submissions for text type also, bug fixed.
  8. Browser popup on registration page due to form submission removed.
  9. Browser autofill registration form bug fixed.
  10. “bp_before_member_settings_template” action missing in profile settings bug fixed.
  11. Insert into post button hidden in front end media popup bug fixed.
  12. Styling issues in media popup front end fixed.
  13. Insert shortcode and styling not working in front end course creation bug fixed.
  14. Warning on automatic login while registration with woocommerce 3.0 version fixed.
  15. Contact form email not working in Hebrew language bug fixed.
  16. In inativity emails user’s reply are received by all users, bug fixed.
  17. In front end course creator, save and close buttons not working if edit button is clicked twice, bug fixed.
  18. In front end course creator save quiz button disabled if edit button is clicked multiple times, bug fixed.
  19. Student name not shown in activity when user finishes a unit bug fixed.
  20. Login popup for free courses not opening in modern theme bug fixed.
  21. Login redirect on same page with ajax login not working bug fixed.
  22. Manually evaluated quiz results shows 0 marks if not evaluated bug fixed.
  23. Logged in menu styling issues fixed in WPML.


Language WPLMS Theme Vibe course Module Vibe Custom Types Vibe Shortcodes WPLMS assignments WPLMS Dashboard WPLMS EventOn WPLMS Frontend
pt_BR 77 71 95 99 100 100 100 100
pl_PL 4 1
nl_NL 58 30
it_IT 72 67 33 100 99
fr_FR 91 81 47 66 90 82 100 71
es_ES 74 40 56 76 63 84 100 72
el_GR 56 29 60 35
de_DE 58 30 40 60 76 37
ar 48 28 37 56 78 69
zh_CN 74 66 71 66 68 83 100 89
tr_TR 35 26 2 2 6 1
sv_SE 68 38 44 66 68 79 100 70
fa_IR 90 75 81 79 77 99 100 92
sr_RS 64 23
ru_RU 63 39 46 66 61 73 100 70
nb_NO 65
sk_SK 4 41 60 70 90
 zh_TW 74

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  1. Eitan

    when can I get this update?
    I can’t see it in the Downloads at the Themeforest

    1. Eitan

      need HELP fast…. after update the theme to 2.8
      I started to update the plugins and on the “vibe-course-module plugin” I got a white page with this error!
      Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘&&’ (T_BOOLEAN_AND), expecting ‘)’ in……….public_html/wp-content/plugins/vibe-course-module/includes/bp-course-tour.php on line 98
      and I can’t go back to the update page or any thing at the wordpress Dashboard at all.
      please advise me how to fix it.

    2. gracieseoul

      Load the wplms.zip file from scratch. And this time you’ll see Demo 8.

  2. caseyh

    Cool! I just updated the theme. Was excited about [vibe_current_date], so I tried it out in my footer (WPLMS settings > Footer), but it’s rendering the text “[vibe_current_date]” in the footer instead of treating it as a shortcode. Is there something else i have to do to configure that?

    1. Any setting in LMS – Setting comes form Vibe Custom types and Vibe Course module, make sure these plugins are updated as well.

  3. anasmokayed

    I have updated the theme, but I cant find “A setting added in wplms->course manager to disable double click on course status page” !

  4. info2grow

    I updated on our staging site no problem yesterday and today tried the live site but the plugin updates for 2.8 are not there so I can’t update plugins on the live site but I was able to update the theme to 2.8.

    Assuming they were taken down so I should probably wait?

  5. hitsheets

    There’s an issue with REGUAL POSTS — when creating/updating them in the BACKEND (admin screen), the “Add Media” function does not work. Also, when selecting a featured image, the image does not load at al. This only applies to the POSTS section, not the LMS section, where everything works fine.


    1. hitsheets

      In addition, the “Text” function (next to the “Visual” tab) on the backend POSTS editor does not work. It’s stuck on “visual”.

  6. johncyberbrain

    Hi, I can not log into the admin dashboard of my website.

    1. I log into mywebsite.ca/wp-admin
    2. I enter name and password
    3. I am redirected to the homepage

    I was talking to one of your colleagues on Facebook.


    1. Disable the Login redirect in WP Admin – LMS- Settings.
      open the wp-admin of your site directly from url : yoursite.com/wp-admin

      1. nielsmoeller

        Still not working. Import customizer bar OK. The import homepage fails atround 75 %. Still same visual result. New suggestions?

        1. nielsmoeller

          I did a reinstall of the theme – now it works 🙂

          1. Diwashkc

            Hey I need help as whenever Im clicking at the course i is redirecting me to the homepage.

  7. Mehmet


    I can not find the files allowing the update of the child theme to version 2.6. Where can I find them?

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