• WooCommerce Templates updated
  • Setup images missing bug fix


  • Title background bug fix
  • Upload text field bug fix
  • start quiz not working in non-ajax mode



Features :

  1. Course application with form with upload field feature. tutorial
  2. Different activation emails for different user roles in custom registration form.
  3. Certificate Qr code validator . tutorial
  4. Show quiz results right after quiz completion feature.
  5. Wallet transaction for wplms app.
  6. Show explanation based on user answer is correct or not.
  7. Upload type field added in vibe form shortcode.

Updated :

  1. Extending course subscription not adjusting schedule email.
  2. Missing security error in ajax login due to browser cache.
  3. Renamed getallheaders function in bp course api and also some more fixes.
  4. Partial marking also added in match and sort question type questions.
  5. Compatibility with php 7.1 and higher version.
  6. Quiz retake fetching improved with backward compatibility.
  7. Action added in course application submissions.
  8. Filter added for default order in course filter.
  9. Function bp_get_course_curriculum improved by caching it.
  10. Condition changed for updating usermeta while subscribing to course.
  11. Check answer option removed from largetext type questions.
  12. Attachment hendled in vibe form.
  13. Multiple select added for upload options in vibe form.

Fixed :

  1. Visual composer custom css not working on course status page.
  2. Previous/next bar coming in the full screen of video in course status page.
  3. Visual composer custom css not working on course status page.
  4. Woocommerce pricing option is not appearing in front end edit when woocommerce is network activated.
  5. Extra checkout fields not hiding in case of variable product.
  6. Trigger login popup lms settings does not works with course with variable product(wplms woocommerce).
  7. Import issue unit comments (using Notes and discussion) don’t have any student link.
  8. Notice for profile change is also shown on course page (default course layout only).
  9. PDF not generating in certificate bug fixed.
  10. Wplms bbb plugin not network activating in multisite issue fixed.
  11. In quizzes same question set appears when you retake the quiz even if new questions are added in it.
  12. Partial marking not working in fillblank question types bug fixed.
  13. Hanlde when answer does not have ” | ” in it in partial marking.
  14. Dynamic quiz not working for students bug fixed.
  15. Link missing from single product price in app version 2 for in app browser purcahse fix.
  16. Warning in some cases on course curriculum bug fixed.
  17. Partial free course not working in variable product case bug fixed.
  18. Login popup not opening for non-logged in users on variable product bug fixed.
  19. Jquery error on pay via paypal button fixed.
  20. Auto mark unit complete with disable ajax marking unit complete two times fixed.
  21. Hex color code not showing on button shortcode bug fixed.
  22. m4a files not uploading fixed.



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