WPLMS 1.1.7

  1. Curriculum Tab not opening fix.
  2. styling improvements in curriculum tab

WPLMS 1.1.6 & VibeBP 1.1.5

  1. Course status turning blank fix
  2. Video Upload progress bar not working
  3. Scorm upload not working
  4. Course Apply popup issue
  5. My Assignments query bug
  6. Upload Zip adde din backend
  7. Old vibe editor not working fix
  8. Registration & Activation user flow fixed
  9. Login trigger from outside VibeBP.
  10. Media popup pagination issues
  11. Error messages missing at registration
  12. Course duration parameter not saving
  13. Unit duration parameter issues
  14. Units created in TinyMCE not retaining paragraphs

WPLMS 1.1.5

  1. Undefined appearing in Create course – curriculum unit count
  2. Statistics for course not showing correct dates
  3. Reload statistics refresh data added
  4. Touch point emails for assignments
  5. Enrolled Course searching and sorting fix
  6. Switch Buttons not working in single post, units in WP admin panel.
  7. Old vibe editor not working fix


  1. WPLMS options panel not loading in WP 5.5
  2. Outdated translations pot file
  3. Vibe Course module updated for WP 5.5 compatibility in 3.9 versions
  4. Plugins failing in setup Wizard issue resolved
  5. Installation and setup button appearing in About section removed
  6. Icon fixes to social icons from fontawesome to vicons

VibeBP 1.14 and WPLMS 1.1.4

  1. Curriculum accordion fix
  2. Button colors fix
  3. WPLMS translation fix
  4. Search and Filter not working in courses
  5. recalculate stats in course stats added
  6. Complete date not recorded


  1. [Feature] Add tracking of support tickets in About WPLMS Section [ VIDEO ]
  2. [Update] Setup Wizard options for Vibe Zoom, Vibe BBB, Vibe Earnings.
  3. Updates redirecting to setup wizard.
  4. New WPLMS About page
  5. Course Curriculum accordion bug
  6. Styling issues in star rating under courses
  7. BBPress links overlapping in single topic view
  8. Improved course completion messages.
  9. Finished course improvements.
  10. Bug fixes in Footer when switch enabled Bootstrap 4



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  1. In my Word press de-activate all plugin & theme and re-install new version 4.06 while installing WPLMS admin plugins all failed during installation . Can plz troubleshoot this details

  2. indekswebmaker

    when wplms theme vibe BBB can’t able to install occurs error “Something went wrong with the plugin API.” can plz clear this error

  3. illegeza

    please advise how to update theme? i am on 4.051 and there is no option to update.

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