Adding custom field in course setting

To add field in back end course edit  :

Please add this code in your wplms-customizer.php file in wplms customizer plugin :


function custom_fileds($field1){
           $prefix = 'vibe_';
           $field1[]=array( // Text Input
           'label' => __('Custom item menu','vibe-customtypes'), // <label>
           'desc'  => __('Put description','vibe-customtypes'), // description
           'id'    => $prefix.'field1', // field id and name
           'type'  => 'text' // type of field
           return $field1;


To edit field in front end course creation edit :.

function add_in_front_end($settings){
    $fields = $settings['course_settings']['fields'];
                'label' => __('custom','wplms-front-end'), // <label>
                'desc'  => __('custom','wplms-front-end'), 
                'text'=>__('custom','wplms-front-end' ),// description
                'id'  => 'vibe_custom', // field id and name
                'type'  => 'text', // type of field

    array_splice($fields, (count($fields)-1), 0,$arr );
    $settings['course_settings']['fields'] = $fields;  

  return $settings;


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  1. Carser

    This tips doesn’t work.
    I want to add custom fields in creation course page. Mr. Vibe, can you help me?
    Thank so much.

    1. Yes, check WP Admin – LMS – Settings – Addons and you’ll see Custom Course Navigation plugin

  2. vilmondes.queiroz

    What would the code look like for radio buttons?

  3. Nabil G.

    I want to make custom field required? How I can do it?

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