Adding custom settings in front end

No Longer Required: Use this plugin :

To add settings in the front end settings please refer the code :


function front_end_settings($settings){

  $prefix = 'vibe_';

  $arr=array(array( // Text Input

           'label' => __('Custom item menu','vibe-customtypes'), // <label>

           'desc'  => __('Put description','vibe-customtypes'), // description

           'from'=> 'meta',

           'id'    => $prefix.'field1', // field id and name

           'default'=> 'custom ',

           'type'  => 'text' // type of field


  $fields = $settings['course_settings']['fields'];

  array_splice($fields, 1, 0,$arr );

  $settings['course_settings']['fields'] = $fields;

  return $settings;




Try adding the code given above from wplms-customizer.php in wplms customizer plugin  file .

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  1. interactifdesign

    HI, thank you for this post.
    I have a nother demand in the same case.

    I want to add button in the unit editing editor.
    i’m using add_action (‘media_buttons’, ‘functiontocall’).
    But the button appear in the course editing in long description editor but not on the units editor.
    How can i put this add_action (media_button) viewed only in the unit editor ?

    1. Please take extra care while copying the single quotes. You can also use the Custom course nav plugin.

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