Adding sample reviews in Courses

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to add bulk sample reviews in the course using csv file.

=> First download a sample csv file to know the database prefix or an overview of the csv file to create from the lms->settings->export/import, refer:

=> Now create your own csv file by adding the review content, review title, course id (in which the review is to be added), user id (who should be the author of the review), date of the review and review rating, refer:


=> Now import the csv file in the lms -> settings-> export/import, refer:


You can download the sample csv file from the attachment.

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  1. fuadmurad

    This did not work. When I import the file it says import complete but nothing is added. I made sure I included all the data.

    1. EuroFormation

      I confirm too, it doesn’t work as explained; to resolve I manually added comments via PhpMyAdmin and then, once saved, I added votes of each of them … et voila;)

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