Adding the modern theme login popup link in menu

  1. Please add the given script in your wplms -> footer -> google Anaylitics code :

    For modern theme 2.0 or greater :


    2. Now goto appearance  -> menu .Add a custom link .
    Put the class ” login_trig ” and href  ” #login ” .

    To open popup on a button click :

    a. Please provide ” login_trig ” class to the button :
    You can add the button with the help of button shortcode :

    [button url=”#” bg=”#ffcc00″ size=”20px” class=” login_trig” ]LOG IN[/button]

    3. Please add the given code in wplms-customizer.php file in wplms customizer plugin  :

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  1. dfarjoun

    It would be nice to see an image showing the result of this implementation!

  2. skumari

    What happens if the custom link doesn’t have a CSS Classes option?

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