Blog page template to show posts form a certain category

This feature needs a child theme to be installed.
If you are not using any child theme please install and activate the wplmsblankchildtheme  given in the package .

1. Now to add this feature please upload the blog-category.php file provided in attached file in your wp-content/themes/wplmsblankchildtheme folder .
2. Then add the given code in your wplms-customizer.php file in wplms customizer plugin :

function add_category_select($settings){
  $settings['vibe_blog_post_category']= array( // Single checkbox
      'label' => __('Blog post category','vibe-customtypes'), // <label>
      'desc'  => __('Fro page template Blog category only ','vibe-customtypes'), // description
      'id'  => 'vibe_blog_post_category', // field id and name
      'type'  => 'text', // type of field
          'std'   => ''
  return $settings;


this will add a setting in each page to put the category slug .
There you can put the category in text field which you want to show and select the page template to be Blog category .

refer :

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  1. Where is blog-category.php file provided in attached
    I downloaded WPLMS theme, since then i did not received any support. Would you please, enable the to download?

  2. marianotheme

    Hello, I have the same question as munkh… Please can you help me? Thanks

  3. marianotheme

    I meant, this: Where is blog-category.php file provided in attached

      1. marianotheme

        Hi! I didn’t everything, now I can see the category option, but it doesn’t work… I have created a new blog to test it and I chose a category (I follow the picture with instructions here) and I doesn’t work

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