Changing Slugs in WPLMS

From version 1.6.5 we’ve added the feature called as Custom Slugs. Which means you can now rename the slugs in the WPLMS :

You can rename Course to Courso or Section, units to lesson, quiz to questionnaire etc according to your requirements.

To change the slugs to custom values follow below steps:

STEP 1 : Adding Custom Slugs in WPLMS Customizer

a. Go to WP Admin -> Plugins -> Editor -> WPLMS Customizer -> Customizer_class.php
b. Add the following line in _construct function :

PHP Code:

c. Add the following function in the Class and make the necessary slug changes in the function :

PHP Code:

Note : in above example I’ve renamed Courses to “Section and units to lesson””

STEP 2 : Re-save Permalinks

a. Go to WP admin -> Settings -> Permalinks
b. Re-save the permalinks to Post name that is %postname%

Watch below video tutorial on how to customize slugs and use translation files to rename the labels :

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