Connect “Take This Course” button to external page.

Please follow these simple steps:-

1)  Please go to wp-admin->LMS->settings: and enable the course external link.


2)  Please go to the course->edit course (Or create a new course)->pricing: and give the link of the external page.

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  1. Mer

    But, how can I do when someone click these button the web open in a new tab?

  2. info2grow

    What does this link do. just link to the course? Or does it provide access without payment?

    1. It is useful only if you want to use course directory for directory purpose. For example : Many users are using this feature to connect their courses with their udemy courses. So when a user is interested in course she clicks on take this course and is redirected to udemy course.

  3. potositech_852

    Connect “Take This Course” button to external page.
    enabled the course external link
    Added External link in Course page

    Now i have enrolled the student into course but its going to course page not to external link in student login, ( Start Coure / Contine course button)
    Start Coure / Contine course button == > Going to course status page
    Please assist how we can get external links for students those who have enrolled.

    In Instructor Login its going to external link ( Take this Course button)
    Take this Course button ==> going to external link