Course Forum connectivity, back to course in Forums

Course forum connectivity.

Till now the only way to connect a forum to a course was in Course – Settings area or In Course – Edit – Components area.
Now you can manage this connection both ways. If you now edit any Forum in the WP Admin area you will see a WPLMS Course select drop to connect the course to the forum.

What this switch does :

1. This connection would add a back to course button in the forums.
2. This connection would also ensure Course forum privacy if the switch is enabled in the LMS – Settings area. If enabled, the non-course members would not be able to view the forum and its topcis.

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  1. kffaner

    does not work, i did as instructed, yet there still is not button to go back to course…

  2. fdittmar

    All the forum messages are right – this still does not work. Any subscribed student can just click on a forum breadcrumb link back to and then see all the other forums to which they are/have not subscribed / not purchased the courses the forums are linked too.

  3. targettrack

    The button stops working when the forum is in a subsection! Please check this is a mistake.

    If the forum is in the main directory – everything is fine!

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