Custom Registration forms in WPLMS

FOR WPLMS 2.3+ versions

We have added a new feature called “Registration Forms”. Registration forms can be used to register new users in your site. The forms work in conjunction with BuddyPress profile fields, so you define the fields in Profile fields section and use them in the registration forms.

Use cases covered

  1. Instructor Registration Form
  2. Student Registration Form

Extension possibilities :

  1. Connect WooCommerce product with a form to make the form a paid registration form.
  2. Automatically assign courses to users who register from the forms.
  3. Default Registration form for registration via Login popups.

Refer full tutorial :

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    i just purchase wplms and i can’t find registration form tab

  2. angelantonio

    Could you elaborate more on the extension possibilities? Would it be possible to have a user be automatically joined to a group upon registration?
    Thank you so much

  3. anas


    Could you announce this update via your youtube channel? I am really waiting for it.

    1. Yes, we will update it on Twitter , Facebook, YouTube and posts. You can subscribe to this blog to get notified of the updates.

    1. Copy the shortcode and paste it in a new page. The default functionality would work from the next update when we’re using wplms registration form.

  4. shakare

    Can redirect bad login users to a custom registration form instead the classic wordpress login page?

  5. soulshakepower

    The Google Captcha option into the register form is AWESOME!!
    I’ve been waiting for this for while and didn’t wanna use other plugins.. You guys rock 😉

  6. EmanuelGT

    I’m currently testing this feature for the instructor registration form, but even if the user is already logged as student, the form ask again for username and password.

    How can this be used for instructor registration if it operates as if it is a non-registered user?

    Also I created another form for students registration, but it is not showing, do I need to remove the registration page configured in buddypress settings for registration?

    1. No you do not need to remove the default registration. For instructor registration set the default role of the form as instructor in form settings.

  7. hemant_832003

    I assign role as an Instructor in Registration form, but still it is registering as a student account.

  8. info2grow

    Is it possible to use these forms for registration at checkout?

  9. rakesh

    Dropdown/checkout/radiobutton fields are not showing in custom instructor registration form. But Textbox is showing.

  10. Rakesh

    How I will get the post field value of custom registration form. when we use shortcode on page then there is not showing form tag. Actually i want post field value to syncing the data.

    1. The value is saved in the Buddypress profile fields area since everything happens in Ajax there was no need of actually submitting a form element. Maybe you can share more information on your requirement and we can suggest alternatives on it.

  11. siconettech

    Please where do I located ‘SIGNUP’ page so that I can edit it or redirect my custom student registration – register, to it. The Default ‘Register’ had issues with fields showing which I didn’t select in the custom form creation. So I figured one needs to create a new registration page to be able to have exactly the fields created in custom registration form. Please where is Signup page?

    Thank you.

  12. Is there any chance that i can integrate WP login with PM pro plugin? I mean that ppl, who register, can choose their membership immidietly and not after registration to the web.

    1. The wp login is same as pmpro login both use the wp tables so there is no difference. However, we can give you a short code snippet which would redirect the user to the memberships page at login if the user is not assigned to any membership.

  13. leonardo

    How can I change the registration page?
    Everything I did as taught in the video still appears the standard form. I want to define an image or something.

    1. For this you need a custom profile field type which supports image upload, but it is not avialable in buddypress as of now.

  14. esteeb

    I’ve changed the registration page in the BuddyPress >> Pages, what do I do with the Activate ?
    I really don’t want my students to activate because the students are getting emails for activation code with the previous registration and that never worked out. I’ve created a new one via the LMS >> Setting >> User Registration and have the shortcode but I’d like to place the shortcode in the original register page. Is that still possible?

  15. plenevici

    Hi, is possible to create a registration form for one event only? I need to associate one user to an event but non necessarly being a student. Is that possible? Thank you

  16. Hi All, I can’t get the student registration page works.

    I have watched the tutorial videos but it doesn’t work


  17. How I can disable the option of activation? i try to disable the option from the menu but continue appearing.

  18. newton79

    How does the instructor and student registration forms works, how does the instructor or student know which form they are filling from the front end.

    Secondly, I have been able to build an instructor form but the look and feel is satisfactory to me not in order see here

  19. AGPRoduce

    I have a problem, it does not work simultaneous registration and login.

  20. Shree

    I want to add the dropdown list option in registration with country and city list. I need help with this.

  21. b7lanca

    hi, i have create custome registration form, and if i am searching with
    incognito or any other browser then i can not see any form for sign up, but if i am logged in with wp and i am searching with same browser then i can see the sign up page is looking perfect, why?

  22. Rakesh

    How to show mobile number fields on registration page. Its not coming even after adding the same on group field.

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