Extending subscription of all users in a course.

In this tip we will extend the subscription of all students in a course (maybe helpful if you have many students in a course).
1. Goto wp-admin -> Lms -> settings ->import/export
2. Select Module :Course and Enable “Export Connected User data” .
3. Generate and download export file.

4. Now open and the exported (Downloaded) csv file.
5. Goto wp-admin ->Lms ->Settings -> Admin functions
6. Copy the current timestamp from there :

7. Then add value of subscription you want to extend for studentsvto this timestamp.(In screenshots we extended subscription to “9999” days [unlimited]).

8. Edit the csv file .Update the current timestamp in csv file with new one .

9. Finally save and import the new csv file .Now the user meta has been updated and students subscription has been extended with new timestamp.
Please note that the above multiplying value may differ if you have courses in hours or minutes.

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