FEE Enable/Disable Switch

You can now disable front end editor in WPLMS.With all new WPLMS Front End management in WPLMS (v1.9.9+), all course related modules can be managed at one place.

Front end editor was available in Units/Quizzes for easy management of modules.

Refer below video :

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    1. Make sure your theme is updated to version, the switch was added in 1.9.9 update.

    1. This switch is no longer required as we have removed the fee completely in the 2.2 update

  1. ahmadmustafa

    it is absolutely unclear how to switch to front end !!!!!!

  2. SolangePouza

    Although I´ve done the update as in the WPLMS documentation, cheching each step wheather WP and page edition worked properply, everything was nice until I got WP 4.7 updated.

    The same anoying message of FEE appears again.

    The FEE was disabled before I run the first step: WordPress Front-end Editor currently only works between versions 3.8 and 4.0-alpha.

    1. Update wplms front end plugin to latest version and you will not see this message again.

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