File location of Language Files in WPLMS

You can find the language files of Wplms  at the following locations:

Language files of WPLMS.

  1. Wplms language files are located at :wp-content->themes->wplms->languages

Language files of Plugins.

  1. Vibe-course-module files are located at:wp-content->plugins->vibe-course-module->languages.
  2. Vibe-custom-types files are located at:wp-content->plugins->vibe-customtypes->languages.
  3. Vibe shortcodes files are located at:wp-content->plugins->vibe-shortcodes->languages.
  4. Wplms assignments files are located at:wp-content->plugins->wplms-assignments->languages.
  5. WPLMS Custom Certificate Codes files are located at:wp-content->plugins->wplms-custom-certificates-codes->languages.
  6. WPLMS Customizer Plugin files are located at:wp-content->plugins->wplms-customizer->languages.
  7. WPLMS Dashboard files are located at:wp-content->plugins->wplms-dashboard->languages.
  8. WPLMS Events files are located at:wp-content->plugins->wplms-events->languages.
  9. WPLMS Front End files are located at:wp-content->plugins->wplms-front-end->languages.
  10. WPLMS MyCred ADDON files are located at:wp-content->plugins->wplms-mycred-addon-master->languages.

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