Fixing Login widget on WPLMS sites hosted on

For sites hosted on WP Engine, we’ve found an issue with the Login panel. It seems to be repeatedly showing the error:

Data not Recieved
Cookies not set.

However, from version 1.5 there is a hook added in WPLMS using which this issue can be resolved easily:

0. Install the WPLMS Customizer plugin.
1. Go to WP Admin -> Plugins -> Editor -> WPLMS Customizer -> customizer_class.php
2. Add the following line of code in the function _construct

PHP Code:


3. Now add the following function at the end of the Class.

PHP Code:
function mycustom_login_url($login_url){
$login_url .='?wpe-login=mywpengineinstallname';
return $login_url;

Change mywpengineinstallname with your WP Engine name.

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