For vzaar responsive videos

The tip is optional. The issue has been resolved in WPLMS 2.0.1 update.

Add this in wp-admin->appearance->themes->editor->WPLMS child theme(Any)->functions.php

function vzaar_responsive_videos_wplms(){
(function ($) {
aspectRatio = function () {
var video = $('.vzaar-video-player');
var w = video.attr('width');
var h = video.attr('height');
// This is the part that does the hard work:
// height divided by width to calculate the ratio as a fraction,
// multiply by 100 and concatenate a % sign.
var ratio = ((h/w) * 100).toFixed(2) + "%";
var height = $('.vzaar-video-player').width() * (h/w);
$('.videoContainer').css('padding-bottom', ratio);




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