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In Wplms 3.8 we have introduced guest user feature .

Allow users to pursue courses in your WPLMS Site, without the need of logging in. So, users no longer need to login to your site to pursue courses, they can simply click on “pursue as guest”.


The behavior of a guest user is exactly like a logged in user .Guest user is a special user whose activities, results, stats are not recorded in the database.


To begin with just set a Guest user id in your wp-admin-> lms -> settings  : 


Note that this user account will be used as a guest .

This will show an option to try only FREE courses as guest  :

Some Important points : 

  1. This will only work for free courses .
  2. There will be no activities recorded for guest account .
  3. There will be no course related activity recorded for guest user .You will be able to see the course but there will no course progress will be recorded , unit will not be shown completed when you mark it as complete , can take unlimited retakes of quizzes as not marks will be recorded .
  4. Users logged as guest will be logged out at checkout page with cart content remains intact (means all cart items will not be lost which were added when you were logged in as guest.)
  5. guest user will not have any profile . So they wont be able to access profile page .

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  1. buckstraininghub

    Awesome, quick question though. Once the guest user has join a offline course can you still see the number of seats change? So usually if we want to record the number of people attending? I assume that if we want to keep the name of the user we have to add an application form?

  2. futureyoon_208


    I have followed exactly the instruction, but there is no “Or Pursue As Guest” option in free course.
    The “take this course” button is href to “”

    side notes: i tried this testing on default WPLMS theme, no customization

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