In Course Quiz

From version 1.9.2 you can enable in Course quizzes in WPLMS Courses, checkout the video :

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  1. TheoDeb


    I struggle to had an in-course quiz, how can I do that?
    Step-by-step please, I am really new to WP.


    1. Do you know how to create quizzes ? IF yes, then all you need to do is enable the setting WP Admin – LMS – Settings – In Course quizzes and set the number of questions displayed in 1 screen of in course quiz.

      1. TheoDeb

        I am pretty sure I have done everything you said, yet questions are displayed one by one.
        I have one course, divided in 3 sections. In the first one, there are 3 units and 1 quiz (15 questions): see below.

        Section I:
        Unit 1
        Unit 2
        Unit 3
        Quiz, with 15 questions)

        I have enable in-course quiz and allowed to display 5 questions/ page.
        Yet, when I take the quiz it doesnt work.
        Could you help please?

        I can send you screenshots if needed.


  2. Anjapepito

    Hello! It does not work for me neither. Not sure why, because actually it worked before. But sometimes they make updates and then everything is a mess again. If you find a solution please let me know. 🙂

  3. ozlem.unlu

    Hi also I cannot create in-course quiz with 5 question in same page. I control Course Status page set. Also I make the settings.

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