Installing demo 1 without sample data

After installing and activating wplms theme :
To import demo 1 home page please refer this tip :

To install demo 1 style please follow these steps :

1. Download the Demo 1 pluign for here : Demo 1 Download Link
2. Now find the file ” customiser.txt ” in your wplms-demo1 -> data folder .
3. Copy whole code from this file and then paste this code in your wp-admin -> wplms -> Customiser -> import code .
4. Click on import button->yes  and save the changes .

refer :

Set the imported home page of demo1 from wp-admin -> appearance -> customize -> Static front page.

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    1. Make sure that the WPLMS Demo1 sample data plugin was activated “before” you clicked on the “Install sample data” button.

  1. alexarosario

    Did this exactly step by step and it still has the settings from the other skin. What am I doing wrong?

  2. josuemv

    Hi there,

    I have installed the site with demo6 style.
    Now that the content is almost ready i noticed the need to better match with the style of the theme, especially the font colors. My questions are:
    – What is the best way to do that?
    – How can i make my site more like this example:
    – Can I import the theme “style” without import demo data and without mess with my installed plugins, data, etc.?


    1. Yes, simply set the theme style and import the customizer settings from WP Admin – Appearance – Site setup Wizard – Skip all steps and reach the style step – select the desired style – Go to content and unselect all the import components, except the customizer – done.

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