Limit Unit views in courses

This Addon plugin would enable Instructors to put a limitation on unit views by Students pursuing courses.

Download Link

  1. Install the plugin, from WP Admin – Plugins – Add New
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Edit the course and locate the field “Number of times user can access course units”
  4. Optionally you can also override the above value by setting this in units, edit the units of your course from Front end or from the back end and locate the field : Number of times user can access this unit.
  5. Note that if this value is set at level 4 then the course unit count value would not be considered while accessing the unit.
  6. Set a value in the field stated in step 3 or 4 and save.
  7. Now check as a “Student”, this setting would not affect the instructor or administrator of the site. So make sure you test it as a student.

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  1. zatakk


    The download link says its not updated in 2 years… can you confirm if this is still supported ? And can you please share the latest link

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