One Click Setup : WPLMS Demo1,Demo 2, Demo 3, Demo 4, Demo 5, Demo 6

In this tutorial you can setup WPLMS DEMO 1 : OR WPLMS DEMO 2 : OR WPLMS DEMO 3 :  OR DEMO 4 : OR DEMO 5 : DEMO 6 : in your WordPress setup in just one click.

Steps to Follow :

  1. Download the WPLMS Demo Sample data plugin  : Demo 1 Download Link , Demo 2 Download Link, Demo 3 Download Link, Demo 4 Download Link, Demo 5 Download Link , Demo 6 Download Link
  2. Activate the plugin before activating the theme.
  3. Upload and activate the theme in a clean setup. (Unable to upload ? Try the Cpanel method)
  4. Install the required plugins
  5. Click on One Click setup
  6. Save Permalinks and Components.
  7. Done !

Installing DEMO 1 :

 Installing DEMO 2 :

Installing DEMO 3 :

Installing DEMO 4 :

Installing DEMO 5 :

Installing DEMO 6 :

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  1. foxycleop

    IS there a way to install these child themes in existing installations?

    1. i installed demo 5 package, and everything works but i cannot setup permalinks (your video guide is outdated i think) so i had http://www.mydomanin/course/course-title but i havent “course” so when i click on a course link i obtain the error “/course/basic-of-nature-photography/ was not found on this server.” Please help me

        1. Paul

          Hola los links esta caídos n lo se logra descargar las demo

  2. sybates

    I am trying to upload the “Demo 1” theme to wordpress. I keep receiving the error message:
    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the theme…
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
    Theme install failed.

    Please advise. Thanks in advance.


      1. catleen1

        I got this message when trying to install Demo 2. Any fixes?

  3. ducthuan9981

    Hi Vibe,
    you are ever asked the 3 demo official release?

    1. It’s live on theme demo. The next update will have these three plugins in the theme package as well.

  4. ducthuan9981

    He could tell me is home with customization as more children are using this plugin 3 demo? thanks!

  5. carrie

    Is there a way to get the style and examples of the demos without a clean install where you can preserve current courses (or if not – to reimport them)?

        1. lilibalfour

          I Imported that into Page Builder Manager but it didn’t give he desired result.

          1. Check if there are any spaces copied with the code, please remove them and retest.

          2. lilibalfour

            I removed the space at the beginning and it helped but it still does not look like Demo 6. The images are not there and it’s using some of my existing data. Shouldn’t the demo just use the data from the demo?

            This theme is really hard to use. I’ve used various themes over the past 10 years and this one is very confusing.

  6. tevch

    Combination of multiple child themes and 3 demos is extremely confusing

    i did more than 10 imports, with different variations – some demos don’t respond to Courses menu – thats right, blank

    Some courses are broken

    On top of it i assume i can’t just switch to different child theme after import – the whole site becomes broken

    Is it possible to describe which child theme works with which demo?

    1. The new demos work with default theme. The child themes will no longer be required as all the design components are included in the parent theme itself. The demo 1,2,3 is built using the same theme but with different design options in customiser that’s it. Try to follow the video and to test various design options try resetting the site.

  7. I cant seem to get the link to appear to activate the plugin once I have it installed. Its not showing up as in your video when you hover over DASHBOARD – is this due to a previous install?

    ******MISSING LINK NOT HERE *****

    1. No need for any child theme. These install right with the default theme, check the video you just need to install the plugins.

      1. catvine

        Hi, so I just installed demo 3 and then activated a child theme, which warped the layout a little bit. Reading the above it looks like child themes are not really required on top of the new demo content – how do you stop your changes, file overrides and customisations being overwritten in updates – this is one of the main uses for a child theme.

        1. You can also use the wplms customiser plugin for the same. All the changes in the main theme can be done using the child theme or the customiser plugin.

  8. Anjapepito

    Hello and first of all: Thank you for an amazing theme! One question: Where can I get the sample data of the default demo and of the one instructor demo? Thank you!

    1. The default demo is inbuilt in the theme. The oneinstructor demo is in the oneinstructor child theme. Activate the child theme before installing the sample data and you’ll get the instructor demo.

  9. ducthuan9981

    Hi Mr.Vibe,
    if I use it with translation Demo2 samples and customizable home page?

    1. Ofcourse you can, the theme comes with translated files, the static stings will be translated however the content is stored so you’ll need to rewrite it. Let me know if I did not get the question.

  10. raysim

    How do i import as a saved layout?
    it is useful to keep it as a saved layout in case..

  11. cieplucha

    Hi, please could you send PageBuilder Manager Layout codes for demo1, demo2 and demo3?
    I would like to use some part from Homepage demo1 layout in demo3 website which I have installed.

    1. Ok that is easy, I will create a tip for this meanwhile just to track this request It would be great if you can create a support topic from you.

  12. OBCTed

    Hi Mr. Vibe – compliment then a question.

    1. Compliment – just wanted to say I had a million and a half questions right after I installed this. Then after digging through here you’ve answered all of them previously and in helped me tremendously. Thank you.

    2. I know I can install anyone of the other child themes. Can you just copy paste the “generated shortcode” from the other demos homepage and upload somewhere. That way I can mix and match premade elements from different demo’s without trying to learn the ins and out of your pagebuilder. I’ve bought another theme that does this for their 19 demo’s and it makes it super simple to build pages based on templates. If not no worries – your documentation and forum answers are second to none!

        1. OBCTed

          Sorry – I meant can you point me to the shortcode please or upload it.

          1. OBCTed

            Thanks for the link. Can you please take the short code for all of your demos homepage and post it somewhere. It will make it easier to mix and match. thank you.

          2. We already have pasted the page builder export codes in the knowledge base. The export codes consist of all the home pages from various demos.

  13. Hi Mr.Vibe

    I have one problem. I’m trying to install demo 1, and I did everything on the video, but I can’t setup theme with sample data because I’m missing Install WPMLS tab under my dashboard. How can I get past that?

    1. Hi. Don’t need this anymore. Had to do WordPress reset. Now it works 😀

      Thank you, and keep up the good work!

  14. Hien

    When i install demo 2 complete, it says that: Revolution Slider Error: Slider with Alias search-form-hero2 not found.
    How can i fix it.

  15. Hello Mr vibes, when will you release demo that is kids friendly. I really need it to design kids learning website

  16. I am having problem in importing demo data 1 . I followd video but theme is not importing demo data 1. I have installed it as plugin in backend also.

  17. Halvard

    How can i install skin 2 on an existing installation? I cant start with a clean wordpress site, since i have a lot of content already. Thanks for your help! 🙂

      1. Halvard

        Ok thanks, that made me a little closer to the goal. How can i make the frontpage with search bar?

  18. Saher

    How can I replace demo 1 to demo 2 or demo 3 if I have installed demo 1 once ?

  19. jhudson1215

    I have followed the video to install demo 1. An it still did not upload right, demo content is not in it. Can some help ASAP please?

  20. Halvard

    How can i make the frontpage with search bar (demo 2) in an existing installation?

  21. Nico N

    How come demo 3, does not look the the skins/modern demo 3 dummy content?

  22. Hi, I’ve installed Demo 3 but the mega menu isn’t showing up. Could you advise how to fix it? Thanks.

      1. jChong

        thank you and I have 3 more follow up questions:

        1. I’ve set up the demo by importing all contents but when I click on “Course” the directory is empty: could you please kindly point to show me where I can import back al the dummy course contents?

        2. Also, if I would like to switch between all 3 demos, should I delete all plugins and reactivated the theme or I can do it by just deactivate one theme and then activate the other one?

        3. Lastly, I see that LayerSlider isn’t in the pack but there is a Slide Revolution instead, so do I need to manually install back the LayerSlider plugin. Thanks a lot.

        I am really new to this theme so apologies for my jumping topics here and there. Thanks

        1. 1. For all courses check wp admin – settings – Buddypress – pages – course and make sure the all courses page is connected to this setting 2. No need to delete any plugin, the demo 1,2,3 are built using the same default theme with varying the layouts in the theme customiser – layouts section. 3. There is No need for another slider plugin, unless you really need it for the same job.

  23. sivab75

    i cant install my demo 2. The page just hung at the one click installation and setup page.

    1. Ok, please check if the php memory allocation is 128 m or more, also php max execution time is around 300 or more.

      1. sivab75

        i hv chcnged based on ur advice.
        define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’ );
        NOw i lost the demo installer too cause i selecterd the install theme without demo.. Now i dunno how to get the demo installed to the page

    1. It is the same demo3 sample data, which is loaded in each of the multi site.just install the demo 3 sample data plugin and activate in each of the subside before clicking on install sample data button.

  24. i am having trouble to install the theme. i want to install demo 2 but i get this message:
    wp-admin/update.php does not allow request data with post request, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit. do you have spanish support?

      1. Use ftp to upload the plugin : Deactivate the Plugin and remove it manually through your FTP program.
        Login to the site via your FTP Program.
        Go to the WordPress Plugins Directory and find where the Plugin is installed.
        Delete the WordPress Plugin folder and/or files from your server.

  25. caitlyn1720

    I have installed Demo 3 with the sample data correctly.

    However, I cannot find where to change the written content (text) on the home page.

    In previous wplms child themes, you went to the page labelled “home” and changed the content and wording there.

    How or where do I change what the home page says in demo 3?

  26. viamaris

    How to i do – Upload and activate the theme in a clean setup.
    i’m not understand clean setup

  27. GooseTickler

    steps 2 3 and 4 don’t make any sense.

    2. Activate the plugin before activating the theme.
    3. Upload and activate the theme in a clean setup.
    4. Install the required plugins

    How can you activate the plugin (step 2), BEFORE you install the plugins (step 4)???

    Does step 2 refer to the ‘demo plugin’? Please clarify.

    1. The demo plugins are not required plugins. They are only required if you want an exact replica of the demos.

  28. Andrew

    Hello, when will demo 4 be ready?

    Looks great! Really want to use it.

  29. jjvesga

    Hi, I tried to install demo3 following the video , but you show dashboard option “install WPLMS” I have not this option in my dashboard, what can I do?

  30. bballa99


    Im getting some issue with setting up demo 6. There are words at the top of the page that say “MAthsDesignDesignLiterature” how do I fix this?

  31. hemant_832003

    could you send me pagebuilder codes of Demo 4,5,6.
    I don’t want to install full theme again and don’t want to loss my all data…

    1. All the demos are built using theme – customizer. I beg you to please check the customiser controls. We’re not adding any extra features in the demo, everything displayed is already available.

  32. adryenn

    I have tried to install Demo 1 and it will not take. I commented privately on a support post. Can you please help?

    1. Yes, sometimes the menus are not properly formed but it is very easy to configure. Check the mega menu tutorials in our knowledge base for this.

    2. Also configure the menu, remove unwanted/repeated items in wp admin – appearance – menus

      1. I bought this theme specifically because it had the Max MegaMenu and quick install which would save me time.

        1. The mega menu is inbuilt in the theme. And no you do not need to build the mega menu again, you just need to connect it which should not take more than 2 minutes, let me know if you need a video of the same.

          1. I had to download mega menu it was not included in my list of plugins. I am not seeing how to connect it to look exactly like the menu in the Demo 5. I wasn’t planning to spend my evening working on something I believed to be included.

            Here is what I need. I need clear instruction on how to get the menu to look exactly like the demo 5 with quick install without having to do manually recreate it. Can this be done?

          2. I appreciate the quick responses! I’m on a very aggressive timeline, so I just need the quickest way to get this setup.

          3. The setup usually takes 5-10 minutes. The latest wp update has prevented the megamenu setup. If you want us to setup then post a topic in our setup section and share the link of the topic here, and we can take this up on priority.

          4. Ok please make sure you’re installling all the plugins so that the demo data can connect the mega menus. It is working as expected.

          5. I will start over and get back to you. I believe I did this but I will try again.

          6. I’ve been at this for 3 hours now and still no closer. It still doesn’t show up like the demo 5.

  33. You just posted “The mega menu is inbuilt in the theme.” ???

    I just want my site to look EXACTLY like the DEMO 5? Again, can this be done with the 1-click install?????

      1. You said you were working on a fix and to give you 2-3 hours but instead you gave me a possible reason for why it isn’t working that had nothing to do with my problem since I am on version 5.4.

        Your next suggestion was that it worked for you and to try it again. I did and I still have the same issue. Not very helpful response or support.

        1. The one click installer worked every time, the only time it did not work was when I did not activate the bbpress plugin.

    1. Please clarify which update ? The last update was on 15th. Also did you update the Buddypress without updating the theme. In latest bp update some functions are permanently removed which were used in the theme in earlier versions.

  34. bsoftvn

    I just buy your theme and i want to setup my site like dome 5. Please support!

    1. We provide free installation, please post a request in the setup section and we will check it asap.

  35. Hi,

    I got the following message after installing the plugins:

    All installations and activations have been completed.
    All plugins installed and activated successfully. Return to the Dashboard

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wc_get_screen_ids() in /home/theori20/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/admin/class-wc-admin.php on line 213

    1. Actually, by deleting the theme and plugins (via cPanel), then reinstalling them the last line did not reappear.

      This was for demo5 by the way.

    2. Yes this is a woocommerce bug and you can safely ignore this, it will not appear again and the site will function fine.

  36. ngocson1990

    Hi. I’ve installed the demo2, but my site didn’t show as I expected. Here is the screenshot:
    (I just changed the background photo)
    So can you help me with this problem? Thanks a lot.

    1. This is custom content in your site not part of the theme. It seems the plugin which has gents shortcodes is disabled by you. Note that the theme is just a design the content has to be built by you. You can import pages from the setup wizard.

  37. cieplucha

    Great DEMOS stuff. Would be great to have DARK one 🙂
    Best wishes

  38. tanzilacademy

    How Can i Check My Purchase Them is Use in Another Site?

  39. Luciano

    Dear, I’ve been trying to check my access code to the forum system for more than a month, but I’m not succeeding! My patience is reaching the limit.

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