Reset course on finish

Please add this code in your wp-content/plugins/wplms-customizer/wplms-customizer.php file :


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  1. trapaniettech

    dont’ work….
    remain the string “finishes course” nd the course is not reset

    1. It would be great if you can create a topic for this in support forums. You can also use Course Retakes, so the users can retake the course from Profile – Course – Stats section.

  2. trapaniettech

    i create a topic in this discussion :

    Thanks for suggestion, but for me is not good to use Course Retakes, because i don’t want that users manually reset the course…..
    i create one course that is free and is accessible only for an user (that i create manually). but more users use this credential to access it.
    So in this case, considering that more user use the same credential the save of unit lock create uncomprension for other users.
    for my client is necessary for this users to get reset automatically, without the user being aware of it . Only in this case and for only for this imembership

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