Reverting from 4.0 to 3.x

IF so happens that you feel you are not yet ready for the 4.0 update. No data is lost during this whole process.

The theme update 4.0 has no major changes, so you can work on 4.0 theme with 3.9 plugins, fully stable version.

Please follow these steps :

1. Click on the button revert to 3.x in the admin notices.

if revert notice is not appearing then simply goto wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> functions -> ad hoc and follow :
2. Deactivate wplms_plugin and vibebp
3. Activate plugins , Vibe course modules, Vibe Customtypes, Vibe shortcodes, WPLMS Assignments, WPLMS Dashboards, WPLMS Front End.
4. You may need to setup widgets in the dashboard area that is WP admin – Appearance – Widgets – Student and Instructor sidebar.

Now you are back on 3.x framework.

IF you want last stable versions of old plugins. Download here :

Vibe Course Module
Vibe CustomTypes
Vibe Shortcodes
WPLMS Dashboards
WPLMS Assignments
WPLMS Eventon
WPLMS Front End

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  1. planetacg

    Where is the button revert to 3.x in the admin notices.?

  2. austere-risk

    How to revert if the button is not showing? Now I’m stuck, can’t use 4.0 because it’s unusable, can’t go back to 3.9

      1. deborshibd

        i want to Reverting my site from 4.0 to 3.x no wizart apperrs

  3. samtechae

    Me too, I have to revert. I have imported the demo and I cannot even edit it and the site is very slow

  4. austere-risk

    Vibe Themes help us abandon this v4.0 mess and revert our sites

  5. deborshibd

    help me please..
    How to revert if the button is not showing? Now I’m stuck, can’t use 4.0 because it’s unusable, can’t go back to 3.9

    1. open your set value as 0 for vibebp_setup_complete and wplms_4_0

      1. That didn’t work either, I need to revert to 3.x as nothing is working in my site, please

  6. wyclops

    It seems that the 4.0 theme has some conflict with the Google Apps Login Enterprise plugin that we’re using to authenticate. Is there a way to avoid this?

    1. The theme itself should not cause any errors. The plugin vibebp has inbuilt social logins supported.

  7. gspengilly

    I need to revert to version 3.x but can’t find any revert button. Nor can I find any string in Options.php for vibebp_setup_complete and wplms_4_0. Urgent!. please help

  8. gilibaus

    Why did’t you wait for a stable version before telling people to update to 4.0? You have messed up a lot of installations and put into troubles a lot of users. Saying to wait for 4.1 is ridicolous. There are websites which are down because of 4.0 and cannot earn any money from their courses. Please help people revert back to 3.9 with serious support.

  9. felipesilvah

    Hi, I did the revert process as indicated but now my website is down and it shows an error page with a message saying there has been a critical error in my website. I agree with other users: this version should not be available as a stable version, maybe as a release candidate. Now I have lost a lot of work and I am in a big trouble for this. Please help.

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