Schedule Email For Inactive Users

Hi, today we’ll learn about a new feature added in the wplms 2.6 version i.e. schedule email for inactive users.

Steps to set the inactivity email: 

  1. Please go to wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> emails -> email schedule -> schedule inactive user emails. 
  2. Now enable the inactive user email.
  3. Set the number of days of inactivity, i.e. the email will be sent after this number of days the user is inactive on website. 
  4. You can click on edit email template to edit the email according to your requirements. 
  5. Done.

Use Case:

  1. You set the inactivity email to 30 days, then the email will be sent to each user who is inactive on the website for 30 or more than 30 days.
  2. This email will be sent every day to the user.
  3. The users also have the option to opt out of this email, they can set not to receive any email for inactivity from there profile settings. 

More Information: 

  1. Also the admin can see the user’s inactivity period from wp-admin -> users. 




In wplms 2.8 version now you can set the number of days the email should be sent to the user daily, number of weeks the emails should be sent weekly and number of months the email should be sent monthly.

After this there will be no email sent. This setting is added bellow inactivity setting, refer:

According to the above image, the users who are inactive for more than 30 days will get 3 emails for continuous 3 days, after 3 days the user will get 2 emails for 2 weeks and after this 1 email after 1 month. After this there will be no emails sent to this user.


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