Setting Custom icon in Profile Menu

You can change these icons in the members area :



Step 1


  1. Go to WP admin – Apperance – Menus , edit the profile menu.
  2. Enable CSS Classes from the screen options on top right
  3. Note the CSS Class of the icon you want to change :

Step 2

  1. Locate any good svg, is a good resource..
  2. Download the svg icon
  3. Edit SVG icon in text editor and copy the SVG icon

Step 3

  1. Add this code in child theme – functions.php or WPLMS Customizer – wplms_customizer.php
  2. Keep the information CSS class and SVG with you. Replace XXXX with CSS class from step 1 and
        if($id == 'XXXXXX'){
            $icon = '
        return $icon;

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