Use MemberPress with WPLMS

About the plugin: 

MemberPress is a premium plugin for the memberships that excels in memberships, grouping, coupons, reports, etc.

Integration with WPLMS, you can create membership levels( silver/ gold/ platinum ) in MemberPress and associate the access levels to WPLMS courses. Students are then auto-enrolled into courses after signing-up for membership.


Associate your membership levels to one or multiple courses: Create a membership level and associate it to one, or multiple courses. When the membership level is purchased by the student, the user is auto-enrolled into the associated courses(it could be 1 to).

Create trial membership levels with different payment gateways: Memberpress Offers a free trial option to people for a limited time-period to entice them to purchase full access to your courses. Sell your course using COD, Stripe, PayPal, or

Automatic course removal upon membership cancellation: When a student cancels their membership plan then the student will be unenrolled from all their courses associated with that membership as well.

Assign a Course to a Membership level:

  1. On the Edit Membership page, scroll down & look for the Membership Options box
    Click on the WPLMS tab.
  2. Choose the course(s) that you want to assign to this membership (you could attach multiple courses to a single membership).
  3. When you’re finished editing your membership, be sure to click the “Publish” or “Update” button to save your changes.

here is a video screenshot of the process:

Plugin Download link: WPLMSMemberPress

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    1. logan

      Mr. Shailendra,
      Never, it was created on September 4, 2019. memberpress:
      If you have a purchased a licensed version of the membership. test this plugin well.
      if you want to share your valuable feedback/suggestions after testing it. you can. if your ideas are life-changing then i will consider it and i will add it in the plugin. if there is some changes in the plugin only then it will be updated.

  1. zatakk

    I am having many courses and at some point it will be more than 150 to 200. The screen becomes too large for selecting the right courses to be used with a particular membership level.

    Could you make some drop down to better select the courses ?
    Also many times I need to make membership accessible for a course bundle priced in a different way . How will that work ?

    Instead of a course can you give this link for products ? or may be sorry but woocommerce has to do that I believe.

    Anyway I am finalizing some use cases and will get back to you.

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