Using DWQA with WPLMS

In this tip we’ll learn how to enable DWQA support for WPLMS. DWQA is a Questions and answer plugin which can be downloaded from here : wplms-dwqa (this is the updated plugin by the date 23/ july/ 2019).

Following are the steps to get you started :

0. Rename the downloaded file

1. Install both the plugins
2. Change the Slugs in DWQA settings for Questions, as questions is already used for Quiz questions.
3. Give permission settings to view/edit/delete to Instructors and Students from DWQA Settings -> Permissions
4. Create Question Tags for Questions.
5. Connect these question tags for each course in Course Settings metabox. All questions connected to this tag would appear in Course -> questions tab.

Refer to below video on how to use DWQA with WPLMS :

To Report bugs on the Add on plugin :

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