VibeBP 1.4.7 , WPLMS 1.4.6

VibeBP 1.4.7

  1. Sidebar issue for Students and instructors on single page implentation
  2. Option to extend registration fields in default form inside popup
  3. Warning message fix in BP single page
  4. Provision added to load member profiles inside PWA
  5. Provision added to load groups inside PWA.

WPLMS 1.4.6

  1. Edit questions in Questions bank
  2. Practice questions implementation fix
  3. SCORM Package upload with root file located inside
  4. Quiz loading
  5. Create/Edit question scroll issue in questions bank
  6. Dashboard in Single page not recognising Student / Instructor roles
  7. Notice fixes
  8. Provision to open single courses inside Directory in PWA [Purchase process inside pwa not compelete ]

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