VibeBP and Vibe Appointments

Latest Update :

1. Profile field shortcode added for addition in Elementor Profile templates or Gutenberg templates
2. Popup fix for Profile complete Z-index
3. Profile Wall fixes
4. [Feature] Masking Feature in Video player – shows user’s name on video play randomly for screen record prevention
5. Menu icons fix for long svgs
6. [Update] Field fix to display Country Flag from Profile country field.
7. W3C Validation fixes
8. [Feature] Swiper Carousel Added VibeBP Carousel element for Elementor and Gutenberg
9. Adding of Message threads on components
10. [Bug] Appointments Capability added
11. Vicon Shortcode added
12. Scripts to be loaded in Footer, forced
13. Send message “Profile Action button” not working fixed
14. Menu exists check PHP warning fix
15. CSS bug fix on Members directory remove filter
16. Filter added for extending invite codes
17. 3 dots issue fix in Login
18. View password CSS fix

Vibe Appointments

1. Major UI & UX fixes.
2. Automatic BBB Meeting creation not working fix
3. Hide appointment products from Shop
4. CSS fixes
5. Pricing warning fix
6. Major Directory UX changes

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