Video Vibe

Features :
Integrates wplms with Vimeo .

How to use  :

After installing and activating plugin you need to generate the access token from wp-admin -> lms-> settings -> Video vibe .For this you will need to get your client identifier and client api key .
In order to get this please follow these steps  :
i. Navigate to and create an app  .

ii. Then fill up all the fields as per screenshot :
In app url field fill your site home url .(domain) .
In App Callback URLs field you need to put the url of the video vibe settings page so that when you are redirected to the site back again the access token can be generated and saved in database .

iii. After creating app please goto my apps -> click on your app and click on authentication tab to get the client identifier and client secret :

iv. Then put these client identifier and client secret in your wp-admin  -> lms-> settings -> Video vibe .

Now after getting your identifier and secret you are ready to authenticate and get the access token from vimeo .
for that you will need to click on generate token button .this will redirect your vimeo auth page please login and authenticate to generate the access token .

After authentication you will be redirected back to the video vibe  settings page and your access token is generated.Now you are ready to rock and roll .
You will see an extra tab with name “Vimeo library” in your media popup. Note here that in case of instructor privacy ,instructors can only see and upload video to their individual albums created with name as their user id  .

It has two tabs depending on if the Instructor privacy is enabled or not in video vibe settings .

For admin it will always show two tabs :
Albums | Upload .

For instructors also it will show two tabs : Albums | Upload .But if you enable Instructor privacy it will replace the “Albums” tab with Videos  where all the uploaded videos will show to instructor .

How to upload video : 

To upload  a video simply goto upload tab and drop or select the video file in  .If the upload is successful it will show some option that you need to fill up in order to complete the upload process :
(if you are admin or instructor privacy is not enabled you will have an option to select the album where this file to be uploaded ) :

After upload please set video name and its privacy :

IF you do not update the video it will not be available for inserting .

On albums tab please simply click on ” load ” link to load videos from it .


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