Woocommerce membership integration with wplms addon

Connects the woocommerce memberships to courses and provides access based on memberships .

This addon works with WPLMS Version 4 as well.

Please download and install Wplms woocommerce memberships addon plugin  from here .
Make sure that you woocommerce and woocommerce memberships plugin installed and activated before installing wplms woocommerce memberships addon .

After installing this plugin you will be able to see two settings that needs to be done in order to connect membership level to course .

1. Connect the membership to the course in course settings  :

you can connect multiple membership plans to a course  .

2. In membership plan edit page in back end you need to connect a Course primary product .Link of this product will be shown on take this course button on course page .

IMPORTANT NOTE : You need to make sure that course primary product is also connected in ” Grant Access to people who purchase: ” settings of membership plan : 

That’s it your are ready to roll  .Now visitor will see the link to purchase the membership button on course page :

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  1. jodie

    And how can we link it with a membership detail page? For example, Silver, Gold and Platinum membership details are available in a page and when someone buys silver, he instantly gets access to all the courses available in silver package?

  2. alexarosario

    Is there a way that someone can purchase the course outright OR do a subscription (say 7 payments of $50)

  3. ryu

    @alexarosario : Of course this is possible. WPLMS supports multiple pricing modes, I think you can see that in the screenshot as well. If you’re trying the variable pricing, try the WPLMS WooCommerce addon.

    1. alexarosario

      Hi there @ryu, this isn’t currently possible… You can do subscription plans (like $10/month until they cancel) but you can’t do 3 payments of $10.

  4. waytogo

    If you have two membership assigned to one couse, there it says “Pricing Options” with a “+” under the button. Is there a chance that you first have to select the option before it is possible to click on the button because otherwise it just takes the first option which is not viewable preselected.

  5. verbomedia

    Hello, if I add a new course, is it added to the client automatically?

  6. MeesterGijs


    Will this addon every be updated? WordPress says it doesn’t know if it’s compatible..


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