So, After Releasing wplms 4.0 a lot of users asked these common questions which I am going to list down below:

Q1: What if My Site is Live and I upgrade the version from 3.9.9 to 4.0. Will I lose my data?

Answer: NO, your data will not be lost because we are not updating the WordPress or anything like that, the course, units and other things you created will be safe because all the data stored in database tables and tables are not updating in the process

But still, if you are afraid, you can keep a backup of your site

Q2: How to upgrade the version?

Answer: The process is simple, just follow the automatic update method: https://wplms.io/support/knowledge-base/auto-updating-wplms/

and you will receive update for wplms 4.0 and then follow the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_x-HOMItL8&list=PL8n4TGA_rwD_5jqsgXIxXOk1H6ar-SVCV&index=3&t=0s

Q3: Not Seeing Buddypress Components in Profile Section

Answer: Please Go to wp-admin > Appearance > Menus > and check this checkbox: http://prntscr.com/tk32j7

Enable these CSS classes as well if you want the class attribute to appear

Now all Buddypress Components will be visible here

Q4: Why I am not seeing the menus in the profile, menus are already set

Answer: There could be two reasons for this:

  • The layout need to be selected as a blank layout, Go to wp-admin > Appearance > Customize > Layouts and select Blank Layout for Profile
  • The menus are not loading so do this way: after profile link add ?reload_nav=1 and hit the URL, then check
Q5: How to show These Logins in our wplms 4.0 ?

Answer: Follow these steps below: 

Q5 Login is not working in Incognito Mode in version 4.0?

Answer: We are fetching the data from local storage and that’s why in Incognito mode there is no data available in LocalStorage so it will not work. On page reload, it will be removed

Q6: Why LMS is invisible as soon as we upgraded to the new version?

Answer: The issue is fixed in 4.03 version. The issue was if EventOn and WPLMS EventOn is activated, there was an issue user experiencing of fatal error. So when you deactivate the plugins. The LMS starts showing again

Q7: How To update Vibebp and wplms_plugin? It is not showing any notice

In dashboard section, it will show like this. Here Add your theme purchase code and then check in updates section. If you have the old version of these two plugins installed on your site. You will get the notice of plugin update after this

Q8: How to translate All these texts Shown in the popup while login?

Answer: No need to translate these texts, you can easily change these texts from wp-admin > Vibebp > Settings


Q9: How to Translate Profile Menus?

Answer: You can change the label names from wp-admin > appearance > menus >


Now comes the second part, how to change these labels:

To change these, you have to translate it first via Loco Translate Plugin. Once translated, it will not show the translations instantly. So what you have to do is add this: reload_nav=1

To reload the components with translated strings again :

Click on Refresh BuddyPress Nav from WP admin – Vibebp – Settings – BuddyPress


Like on my test setup, it will be: http://localhost/wplms/members/admin/?reload_nav=1

Customizer Appears blank after running setup wizard

If the customizer is appearing blank, please go to WP admin – Appearance – Menus and set menus at proper locations. In some cases there is a redundant menu entry which is causing the customiser to not run.

Q10. In Members Directory Filter is Not working

Answer: For directory searching this needs to be enabled in profile fields.

Q11: Instructor Controls Not showing in Dashboard Area?

Answer: Please check these steps:

  • If the current logged in user-created any course or not
  • Check if Instructor Content Privacy is Enabled in wp-admin > WPLMS > Course Manager then disable the setting
  • Reload the Buddypress Nav By adding this ?reload_nav=1, then check again
  • Make sure you should have everything updated to the latest version

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