WPLMS 4.085, Vibebp 1.3, WPLMS Plugin 1.3

This is an incremental update. Some of the planned features are now available. Important bugs have been fixed. Compatibility of older functions on no-jquery bootstrap mode has been added. This brings 1 step closer to the 4.1 update.


  1. [Update] OffLoad fonts option added. Recommended enabling of this. Legacy fonts only for users migrating from 3.x versions.
  2. [Update] Display Loader time increased when viewing dashboard screen. detects # in url.
  3. [Bug] Course Full screen trigger fixes with header.
  4. [BugFix] Right Click on Course status not working despite enabling the switch.
  5. [BugFix] JS errors when no footer selected in academy demo.
  6. [Update] Conditional Ajax header reload for non 4.x
  7. [Update] 400kb wc Password meter script removed
  8. [Update] Profile Template to support multiple profile layouts
  9. [BugFix] Missing thumbnails in options panel.
  10. [BugFix] Warning in assignment pages when no timer set.
  11. [Bugfix] Instructor content privacy
  12. [Bugfix] BBPress styling fix.
  13. [Update] No jQuery mode for Vibe Carousel
  14. [Update] No jQuery mode for Filterable
  15. [Update] No jquery mode for Masonry
  16. [Update] No jquery mode for Forms
  17. [Update] No jQuery mode for Fuild Videos
  18. [Update] No jQuery mode for Tabs shortcodes
  19. [Update] No jQuery mode for Accordion shortcodes

VibeBP 1.3

  1. [Feature] Custom Member Profiles and Cards
  2. [Feature] Custom Group Layouts and Cards
  3. [Bugfix] Icon in PWA manifest
  4. [Bugfix] Service Worker font not enqueued
  5. [Update] Custom field support for login. PHoneAuth
  6. [Update] Better Searching in members and groups
  7. [Update] Improved member directory
  8. [Bugfix] Social Login not working for cryllic names
  9. [Bugfix] PMPro updated function on levels search, deprecated fx removed
  10. [Bugfix] Members directory pagination / search not resetting results fix.
  11. [Update] HTML supported in login heading and description to add logo in login screen.
  12. [Update] License activation for Addons in Vibebp – Addons for Vibe Appointments
  13. [Bugfix] Chat tab appears full streched
  14. [bugfix] Card styling force added in directory pages

WPLMS Plugin 1.3

  1. [Feature] Show price option in button with dropdown
  2. [Feature] Add Practice questions by Tags
  3. [Update] Change unit/quiz Type option in curriculum
  4. [Update] Direct link in manage quizzes to share.
  5. [Update] Faster loading course directory. First load fetches complete results, subsequent search/filters load incremental results.
  6. [Bugfix] Assignment warning because no timer set.
  7. [Bugfix] Submission tabs fixes,
  8. [Bugfix] Manual evaluation missing in submissions, not saving marks.
  9. [Bugfix] Embedded Iframe height issues
  10. [Bugfix] Course evaluation fixes with manual submissions
  11. [Bugfix] Single quiz correct answer / explanation missing
  12. [Bugfix] My Quizzes pagination fix
  13. [bugfix] Card styling force added in directory pages

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