WPLMS 4.095


  1. [BugFix] Profile link does not open logged in menu.
  2. [Bug] Errors through by ReactDom.

[Important] If you are using Vibe Earnings plugin , please update it to verison 1.1. Please ensure you clear page cache in your servers.


  1. [Update] Student and Instructor menus supported
  2. [Bug] Blog Category page
  3. [Update] Single Quiz Improvements
  4. [Bug] Login dropdown colors from Customizer – Header -Login colors
  5. [Bug] Team shortcode bug fix.
  6. [Update] Learning center added in demo switcher
  7. [bug] Search layouts issue in bootstrap 4
  8. [bug] Default Group layout
  9. [bug] javascript errors in no header / footer
  10. [bug] Demo links updated.


WPLMS Plugin 1.4.5

  1. [Feature] Added Leave a Rating : https://prnt.sc/v5wvsz
  2. [Feature] Question Bookmark for review question later : doc link
  3. [Feature] Question Flag, tell instructor to review the question.
  4. [Feature] Fractional marking support
  5. [Feature] Fractional negative markings
  6. [Feature] Show only correct / incorrect questions on quiz completion
  7. [Update] Quiz layout update for larger screens.
  8. [Update] PDF certificate enabled by default.
  9. [Update] Question nu
  10. [Update]  Provision to show question number in practice questions.
  11. [Bug] COUrse directory course cat selection does shows all courses on the page
  12. [Bug] Course Instructions Overflow Issue, Scrolling Not possible
  13. [bug] Admins showing in course filters in course directory page
  14. [bug] assignment same users shown is pending evaluation and unsubmitted section in submission
  15. [Bug] duration of course not appearing correctly
  16. [Bug] Students typo fixed
  17. [Bug] Custom registration forms sending Hi {username} in mail content
  18. [Update] See past results in full
  19. [Update] Lms –  Settings – Admin functions – Sync added to sync v3 quiz and unit types in 1 click.
  20. [Bug] Course status bug fix in ios Safari
  21. [Update] Provision for Batches for multiple curriculum ypes.
  22. [Update] v3 API now supported. CodeCanyon App project can be used with WPLMS v4.


VibeBP Plugin 1.4.5

  1. [Feature] BuddyPress on Single Page
  2. [Feature] VibeBP to WP login sync for backwards and third party plugin compatibility :  Video
  3. [Update] Group Actions, Join / Unsubscribe buttons in groups
  4. [Bug] Editor not recognising saved shortcodes.
  5. [Bug] Group active and creation date showing incorrect values
  6. [Bug] Commission graphs not subtracting data on sale reversal
  7. [Bug] Live notifications not removing bug
  8. [Bug] Group description not showing correct

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