WPLMS Academy courses migration plugin

Please download the plugin from here: Wplms Academy Migrate Plugin.



  • This plugin will help you to migrate all your Academy courses to wplms courses.
  • With the courses all its units, quizzes and questions will also be migrated.
  • This whole process will be done by you in just one click.


  • Please download the plugin that is attached above.
  • Install the plugin by going to your wp-admin  dashboard -> plugins -> add new -> upload plugin.
  • Now activate the plugin.

How to Use:

  • Please make sure the academy theme is activated on your website to begin migration.
  • After activating the plugin you can see a migration notice in your wp-admin.
  • Click on begin now button.
  • You can see a progress bar and finally the message letting you know that the courses are migrated from academy theme to WPLMS theme.
  • Done, the migration is successful.

Reverting the changes: 

  • Now if you do not like the migrated courses and again wants the academy courses only. Then you can revert back the changes.
  • Click on “Revert Changes Now” button and all the courses will again revert back to Academy courses.
  • Or you can simply click on dismiss button to dismiss this notice.

NOTE: To check the migrated courses from academy theme to wplms theme, please deactivate the academy theme and activate the wplms theme.

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