WPLMS Accredible

What is Accredible Plugin?
The Accredible platform enables organizations to create, manage and distribute digital credentials as digital certificates, open badges and blockchain credentials.

Using this Plugin you can choose the style for your certificate as well.

Most of the users ask that how we can have the styles for the certificates. For that purpose we have integrated this in wplms.

To use this first download and activate the accredible certificate plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/accredible-certificates/

Download for wplms accredible plugin: https://github.com/VibeThemes/wplms-accredible

  1. Create your account on accredible.com because you’ll need to insert the API Key to make it work and
    to generate the credentials
  2. When you’ll open the link, scroll down the page and copy the API Key
  3. Go to wp-admin > Settings > Accredible Certificates
  4. Paste that copied API Key here and click on save changes
  5. Then click on the Create Group for each course Button. After this process completed,
    you’ll see that you have groups of each course with their group id’s listed down here
  6. Groups listed in the backend:
    On Accredible: 
  7. They are synced, the groups in the backend for each course is synced with the groups on accredible
  8. You can set the Badges and certificate designs for these groups as well.
  9. To create the digital certificates as well as badges you’ll need credentials for each user
    which you can create from here


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