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  1. dale12

    Hi Mr Vibe

    Im disappointed with version 2 . i can see my admin page (to add students and view them) in default them . in Modern theme there is two admin and second one works where i can add students. But in modern VC doesnt work well , i can still see some vc text [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] . Why did you release it so soon . Most of us have live sites and now we stop our day trying to solve a simple add student to course . Can you help

    1. We released the 2.0.1 update with majority bug fixes. Please make sure you update all the plugins and theme is updated to latest versions.

      1. dale12

        Hello Mr vibe

        New VC still not working on default and modern theme . in wplms 2.0.1 . I switched to old 19.9 and it works.
        also admin button and other still not working on front end default theme (it shows when i hover link that it goes to /admin but on the modern theme link shows when i hover /?action=admin . so that works in modern theme frontend for course ) why not the same in default theme

    1. EmanuelGT

      According to the name it is for Easy Digital Downloads 😉

  2. Dreitausend

    I cant get it to work. After clicking on “book now” on a course, nothing happens.

  3. Dreitausend

    Seems like the options this plugin adds to the downloads break some stuff. It stopped my from adding price-options for example. I deaktivated line 51 and line 57 in the code and now it works.

  4. We updated to a new theme now recieve this:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function calculate_duration_time() in /home/flexlea7/public_html/wp-content/plugins/WPLMS-Edd/wplms-edd.php on line 51

    Any clues?

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