WPLMS Email Migration to BuddyPress Emails

From WPLMS version 2.2 and above. You now get the option to migrate all the WPLMS Emails to BuddyPress emails or BP Emails.

BuddyPress introduced Emails in version 2.5, so make sure your current BuddyPress version is 2.5 or more.  The BP Emails has a live template customizer in WP Admin – Emails – Customize section and all the email content send in the BP Emails can be easily customised.

How to Migrate and ACtivate BP Emails :

  1. Click on Migrate Emails notice.
  2. Disable HTML emails in WP Admin – LMS – Settings – Emails section.

Although we recommend everyone to migrate their emails, the migration is reversible and controlled by the Disable HTML emails switch (point 2).

Also note that BP Emails uses an inbuilt (BuddyPress) PHP Mailer system whereas WPLMS Emails used the WP_EMAIL functionality. So make sure if you’re using a third party plugin for emails then make sure BP emails are working after unchecking the HTML emails switch in point 2, after the update.


Refer below Video tutorial :

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  1. omertarik96

    How can I re-migrate e-mails? I migrated once but having issue about updating e-mail messages from buddypress. Also my e-mails are sending as text.

  2. ptrochet

    Hi Mr Vibe,
    So just to sure i understood. Every “wplms” emails like activation, forgot password, touch points etc still use the WPLMS Templates but are not allowed to use HTML ?
    And the rest are using Buddypress template ?

    Is that correct ?

    Thks for your feedback,


    1. When you migrate and disable the wplms HTML emails switch every mail with use the Buddypress mailing system which is also HTML.

  3. Privateer

    If we make a switch to BuddyPress email system, do we need to keep SMTP WP plugin?

    In order to make sure BuddyPress email system working, how we verify them?

    1. The smtp will work with bp mails as well. Yes we recommend everyone to migrate to bp mails.

  4. Makarand

    I accidentally closed the migration notice, how can I migrate my emails now ?


    1. The notification would appear again in our n ft update when we add new mail in the system. Strongly recommend to migrate emails even if you’re not using them. In all our new installations this is automatic.

  5. pablomoracantero

    I am trying to follow this tutorial but, when I click on customize I get a 404 Error, and not able to see the customizer. What can I do?

  6. lapacast

    Hi, I did it, but now when a student is added to a course, he is not getting the email. what should I do?

  7. micaelcovolo

    Hi, I’ve migrated to BP emails as the video has shown but I can uncheck ”enable HTML emails” because is not available for me. How can I turn off ??

  8. micaelcovolo

    I also notice that the emails are working anyway but… only as a simple txt… no HTML formating at all.
    How can I fix that?

  9. kaderahmed.cse

    Can you please let me inform in 19$ dollar for single site or multiple site. Actually I have many site but only one site I can see the Gift Email template. its urgent.


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