WPLMS Header Styles

WPLMS 2,0 + comes with 8 Header styles. The header styles can be changed from Theme Customiser – Header Section.

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  1. alexarosario

    Just went through and tried to change it… Not a single one of these actually showed in the customizer 🙁 … I accidentally put it to skin 5 instead of skin 1. I tried importing the code into the customizer but that didn’t work either… More than anything, I just want to change the font on the navigation. How do I do that?

    Second question: how do I change the header on blog posts, pages and courses?

    1. Which version of the theme are you using ? The header styles are available from 2.0 version. To change the navigation font you need to set the header font style. The header can be changed site wide not on specific pages, for specific pages you’ll need custom code for different header styles.

  2. Michael

    Same thing as Alexarosario – never shows theme preview in customizer. The only way to see how it looks is to actually apply the header, save it and then load the page. This replaces all custom options so it’s pretty annoying.

    Love the theme/software but this, alone, is as frustrating as ever. To top it off, there seems to be a large caching lag with any time I actually make an edit to the theme header.

    Fresh WP Install and only demo content and required plugins being used. Haven’t done anything extra and have tried on multiple fresh WP installs.

    Please fix this bug of customizing the header and being able to preview without losing all of my theme options.

    1. We’re on it. We’re working on page builder update which can be used to build custom header and footers and would also fix this annoying issue.

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