WPLMS iOS + macOS App

The WPLMS app package for iOS & MacOS is attached here. Do note this package will see updates in future as well. We are planning to automate this process, so this is only for users who urgently need the iOS pack.


1. Unzip the package.
2. Open the package in a text editor of your choice
3. Generate the app icons and place it in PWA – Assets – Icons folder
4. Edit the webappmanifest.swift and set origin as your WPLMS app page url.
5. Edit info.plist and locate the Tag WKAppBoundDomains , make sure you enter your firebase domain, your app domain,youtube and vimeo if you are loading videos from there.
6. Next, open the wplms.xcodeproj in xcode
7. Run the app, test it out.
8. Publish on app store.

More instructions and detailed video coming soon.

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