WP Mail SMTP settings for Gmail SMTP

Send emails via Gmail SMTP.

Use cases to use this tutorial :

  • Effective to check if the issue exists in your mail server
  • Works on localhost
  • Send upto 200 emails per day using the GMAIL SMTP api, puts less load on your current server.
  • Works with BuddyPress emails.

Steps :

  1. Install WP Mail SMTP plugin
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Configure the settings.


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  1. yonimn1

    Doe’s this replace mandrill? or do I need to keep mandrill as well?


    Hi Team,

    I just tried this and Gmail blocked the test email because the plug in has known security issues or is out of date. The email said:

    “Google will continue to block sign-in attempts from the app that you’re using because it has known security problems or is out of date. You can continue to use this app by allowing access to less secure apps, but this may leave your account vulnerable.”

    I’m looking in the forum for an alternative solution.



  3. Aminul

    How can I add mandrill? My others all emails are sent by mandrill? How Can I activate the email sent with the Mandrill app?

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