Wplms multisite usermeta fix

Plugin download  : link

In wordpress multisite there is only single users and usermeta table .

The data in usermeta might create issues with multiple site having same course or units ids in their different posts tables .

So there are some issues appearing due to this mixing of data .Users from some other sites were showing in courses of different site and many more weird issues .

So to fix that we have developed this plugin .



1 . Plugins works fine for a fresh install .It is strongly recommended to use this plugin if your site is a multisite and you are using wplms theme on any of subsite or main site .

2 . For site that are already existing : you may find all users lost from your course (no users might not show up in the course -> admin )

This is because in their existing data , we have not mapped site .In new data we have mapped the site to user data .

. You will need to add them back again . Once the user is added by you back to the course then it will not mix the data with other sites .


With this we have fixed our user data mixing between multiple sites . Course and other activities still mixing .We are working on it .

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