WPLMS One Click installer – Theme setup Wizard

In WPLMS version 2.5 we’ve added a new Theme setup wizard for WPLMS. This wizard provides an easy way to install and manage content in WPLMS site.

The old one click installer still works but moving forward we would be removing the old one click installer and fully migrate to the Theme setup wizard. There are several advantages of using this theme setup wizard.

  1. The main advantage of the setup wizard is that you can now chose which features you need for your site,
  2. All the necessary pages are setup and you can skip the demo data install for already existing sites.
  3. Chose which demo style you want to setup.
  4. Chose which content you want to install on your site, like you can import only courses or only pages (home page) from various demos.
  5. Starting steps are provided, you can upload the logo and setup the primary colors directly from the theme setup wizard.
  6. You no longer need to use the demo plugins for demo data install.
  7. The Wizard works on lower PHP memory configurations like less memory limit and less PHP time limits.
  8. The Wizard also uses the updated Envato API for faster updates.


Video Tutorial


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  1. sunjavagroups

    Slider shows ajax error when I try to install with the Set Up Wizard
    What can I do?

  2. Hayoltech_Solutions

    After doing the OneClick install it shows this error: (Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias classicslider1 not found) Besides, It doesn’t give demo 4 (the style) as selected. What can I do pls?

  3. godfrey

    after installing the demo6 one click through cpanel, it shows on my wp admin no style sheet found. pls what can i do?

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