WPLMS One course (One page) child theme

Attached is the One page child theme used in the One Course demo. The child theme comes with sample data install. To get started in clean WP setup, install WPLMS theme, then install WPLMS_one_page and then activate WPLMS One page and install the sample data.


File : wplms_one_page

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  1. DenisD

    Hello Mr. Vibe,

    Everything works fine with the installation of WPLMS.
    But when activating the child theme wplms_one_page, an error appears :
    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in E:\www\wp-content\themes\wplms_one_page\functions.php on line 247”, in back office and front office.

    Please help me as my site is out of order (:

    Best regards

    [WP 4.3.1, WPLMS loaded 3 days ago]

    1. Please reldownload the wplms_one_page child theme from above and try again.
      This was an issue in older version of wplms_one_page child theme which is already fixed.

  2. ellipee

    Hello Mr. Vibe i followed your instruction on install the wplms_one_page_child theme but i still get the same error message
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\wamp\www\etrain\wp-content\themes\wplms_one_page\functions.php on line 249

    1. This error was reported in older versions of the child theme, you can download the package again or download the child theme from this article itself.

  3. iafactory

    Hello Mr Vibe,
    Thank your for WPLMS Theme.
    Here is my question about “WPLMS one course page”.

    I would like to have exactly the same render as this page : http://themes.vibethemes.com/wplms/skins/onecourse/

    That is to say :
    – 1 home page
    – 1 page for course presentation
    – direct access to checkout from course presentation

    So the probleme is that the THEME “one page” doesn’t run on my website.
    Here is the issue :
    “( ! ) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in W:\wampserver\www\_V2_save-local\iaf2014\iafactory-learn\wp-content\themes\wplms_one_page\functions.php on line 249”

    So I use the file attached in this support ticket, but it doesn’t work.
    I’m lost in WPLMS without this cool easy theme.
    PLease help,
    Thank you

    My config
    WPLMS 1.9.9

  4. estevaosoares

    Is there any additional steps after 2.0 WPLMS update? I can’t get header styling to work at the coure’s page.

  5. thanks for your post estevaosoares, I also bought the wplms theme and trying to activate different theme given by vibethemes but I am not able to get same look and feel given in themeforest wplms page.

    I will suggest the developer that all the demo content and theme should have same look and feel after installation which is given in themeforest site. Fixing the issue and configuring it , takes lot of time. After giving the full amount after purchase every purchaser want a smooth installation.

    @vibethemse please help me and estevaasoares.


  6. fabioamv

    Hi, I got the same… But in this case, if use this attached file for one course theme, after installation appears One Instructor Course… I just try 3 times, removing everything, with a new fresh wordpress and server.

  7. i installed this child theme and it had no effect?
    website still looks the same?
    what to do?
    i installed the link you have here in the theme uploader?

    1. The child theme effect only apply at the point of installation of the theme. You need to reset and reinstall the theme and this time make sure the child theme is activated first.

  8. pankajranaji

    Hi Have installed Child blank theme, i only need the one course page landing page (page builder codes)…

  9. studyhelp

    How can i install the same Course View like in the demo? I tried to use the Page Builder Export but it does not change anything?

    1. Which one are you expecting ? Is this a brand new site or an existing site ? Try the customiser settings.

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