WPLMS Plugin, 1.4.3 and VibeBP 1.4.3

Maintenance and Bug Fixes update :


  1. Login via Username.
  2. Open Sign in form in login screen by default : https://prnt.sc/uuuo89
  3. Server Statistics widget added : Dashboard : Administrator
  4. Total Sales widget added : Dashboard : Administrator
  5. Elementor Profile Action triggers : Send Message , Chat with user, Follow member, beFriend user added.
  6. RTL support for Elegance theme
  7. Date field in PRofile
  8. Registered since showing 50 years time
  9. Reduced token size for Scorm package upload errors
  10. Flicker issue in Profile menu in expanded menu
  11. Enqueued files only when required, tus, chartjs etc


  1. React Portal implementation for Course button Loaded.
  2. Elementor Basic styling and javascript included for working inside course pages built with elementor.
  3. HLS & Dash advance video formats supported
  4. Round off Instructor rating by 2
  5. Single Quiz not showing question numbers
  6. Course status quiz not showing quiz numbers
  7. UserID missing in many activities
  8. Course status stlying fixes
  9. Translation bug fixes, missing or old translation domains
  10. Removed BuddyPress scripts not in use anymore.
  11. Grid Search added in Elementor widget.

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