WPLMS plugin 1.4.7

  1. [Added] Lock icon in units
  2. [Bug] Loading issue in single quiz with version 3 quizzes
  3. [Update] Backward compatibility of WPLMS Dashboard widgets
  4. [Update] Ajax menu
  5. [Bug] Scorm unit error on course page
  6. [Update] Assignment filter for grading options
  7. [Update] H5p Units / Quiz sync
  8. [Update] Batch students sync
  9. [Bug] Drip duration parameter fix
  10. [Bug] Spelling correction students
  11. [Bug] Next unit button in Safari
  12. [Bug] Special characters in quiz and unit titles
  13. [Bug] Download attribute in files
  14. [Bug] Cursor Pointer on Manage courses
  15. [Update] PRovision added for external upload
  16. [Bug] Drip Access issue fix
  17. [Bug] Filter added in Assignments API

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