WPLMS plugin 1.4.8 , VibeBP 1.4.8

VibeBP 1.4.8

1. [Bug] Session Storage in BP Single Page. BP Single page does not show user image.
2. [Bug] Icons missing in PWA.
3. [Bug] Math not working in Editor
4. [Added] Pin /unpin Editor Toolbar.
5. [Added] Code block in Editor
6. [Added] Tooltips in Editor
7. [Added] Text highlighter, color, background, fontsize, font family selector
8. [Updated] Icons for Columns in Editor

WPLMS Plugin 1.4.8

1. [UPDATED] Provision for S3 or any other storage in unit attachments and assignment submissions
2. [Updated] Batch Curriculums fix.
3. [Updated] Commissions removed and added to Earnings.
4. [Bug] PRoduct duration bug fix.
5. [Update] Question shortcode
6. [Bug] Infinite loop when 0 set in drip
7. [Bug] Upload courses not awarding certificates & badges
8. [Update] USer ID specific create course options.

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